Larry's Ice Cream

Larry's Ice Cream Parlor, St Pete Beach

Larry’s Olde Fashioned Ice Cream and Gelato has teased and pleased the palates of St. Pete Beach vacationers and Tampa Bay residents for decades. While many ice cream shops come and go, Larry’s is a landmark and generational favorite. Quality and friendly service - never go out of style.

We’re famous for outstanding quality and too-many flavors, served with a smile. We are known for our homemade waffle cones, super-premium ice cream, authentic Italian gelato, and fresh mini donuts; we even offer gluten-free and dairy-free items, too! Larry’s now serves local craft beers & wine. Enjoy some of our local brews with our famous All Beef Kosher hotdogs, cheeseburgers, or homemade flatbread pizza made in our brick oven.

Larry's is family-owned and operated, since 1984. Larry’s is a proud sponsor of Friends of Strays since 1986. We have won many awards for our ice cream, gelato and donuts, but mostly for our service and our active role in our community. Savor the experience! Enjoy a malt, milkshake, beer float or craft beer with that special someone! Have a birthday or special occasion? Larry's would be delighted to host your next event, and we have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

Want to dine with your pooch? Our courtyard is pet-friendly! Need a gift for a birthday or special event? Our Gift Cards are an ideal year-round gift for any occasion, or as a way of saying "thank you."

Larry's Brownies with Ice Cream on Top
Larry's Ice Cream Sundae

We strive to serve the best local products. We source from people we know and our friends. While it is now something of a buzz-word, Larry’s has always sourced high quality local products to serve our customers. Quality is something you can taste!

Our ice cream is certified ‘Fresh from Florida’ and it’s also Kosher (except, of course, when it’s served in one of our chocolate-dipped, bacon sprinkled waffle cones). Larry’s ice cream is what is known as ‘super premium’ which means it has a higher fat content than most ice-cream, very little air, and at Larry’s we use premium inclusions such as peanut butter cups, chocolate-covered espresso beans, dense chocolate chips, etc.

Get a few scoops of our award-winning ice cream and gelato in one of our home-made waffle cones. In fact, you’ll smell the fresh made waffle cones and craft donuts when you walk in the door. We dip our cones in chocolate and sprinkle them with peanuts, coconut, and so much more! Don’t forget our marshmallow cones…sprinkles, Froot Loops, and anything else we can imagine!

Enjoy some of our local brews and beverages, such as Mother Kombucha’s living teas, certified organic, vegan, and brewed in small batches here in St. Pete. Perhaps you’re more of coffee fan? Grab a hot cup of our locally roasted Kahwa coffee, 100% Arabica beans, available in decaf as well. If you’re a cooler customer, try our cold brew espresso. Rich and full-bodied, our friend Jimmy down in Cape Coral makes his Euphoria Cold Brew Espresso in small batches. The beans are cold-brewed without any heat, in a patented process that retains and enhances the flavor (and caffeine) of the coffee beans. The coffee beans are mechanically percolated in a refrigerated facility. Nitrogen, yes nitrogen, is infused into the espresso at the last possible moment before packaging and/or storage. At Larry’s we serve Jimmy’s Euphoria blend by the cup, bottle, can, or even refillable growler. If you’re looking for something different, try an affogato. An affogato is a scoop of Larry’s ice cream or gelato smothered in either our fresh brewed Kahwa coffee or Jimmy’s cold brew espresso. Top it off with some whipped cream and shaved chocolate and you’ll both see and taste why generations love Larry’s.

Larry's Old Fashioned Ice Cream
Larry's Old Fashioned Ice Cream
Larry's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

Larry’s Olde Fashioned Ice Cream and Gelato Shop…because Quality never goes out of style!

Something for everyone…always new, always different, but always MMMmmm….good!

  • Over 100 Flavors Ice Cream
  • Over 35 Flavors of 94% Fat Free, All-Natural Italian Gelato & Sorbet
  • 35 Flavors of 97% Fat Free Frozen Yogurt
  • 35 Flavors of Soft Serve Frozen Custard
  • No Sugar added ice cream
  • Italian Ice
  • Over 20 Choices of Ice Cream Toppings
  • Sundaes, Specialty Sundaes & Parfaits
  • Fresh Mini Donuts
  • Kahwa Coffee & Cold Brew Espresso
  • Craft Beer & Wine
  • Beer and Wine Floats
  • Homemade Cakes & Pies
  • Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pizza, and More

Giving Back

We're grateful for the support our community has given to us to we decided to give back. We have participated in several charity events over the past several years. We have just implemented a rewards program with Friends of Strays who we have been a proud sponsor for over 30 years. Anyone who adopts a pet through their organization receives a certificate to come to Larry's Ice Cream. We are recognizing each family who adopts a pet with a complimentary box of our delicious craft mini donuts.

Friends of Strays